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Two thoughts

Perhaps this is the first post here and I am not
the moderator or anything, but still if it is not
a bad post maybe it can be ok. I will post two
quotations which seem to me to relate
specifically to the "religious life" that is the life
in community or the interior way of the "interior
monasticism" as well as generally to all who have
hearts touched by the desire for God.

From Frere Roger Schutz
Prior of Taize

1) If everything began with a heart that trusts
who could still say 'what am I doing on this earth?'

2)Christ, tirelessly you were seeking me
until one day returning to the source I understood
you were asking me to commit myself to the point of
no return

Is not the religious life, indeed all spiritual life,
a 'pilgrimage of trust on earth'?
and as to the second the 'religious' is perhaps the
one who has the blessing of having passed the point
of no return, or who seeks it...

Frere Roger of Taize.
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