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religious's Journal

The Spiritual Life in Perspective
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As the title indicates, this is a community about the spiritual life in various religious traditions. I thought that I would start this community out of my own fascination with comparative religions and also because I would like to foster understanding and tolerance between religious traditions.

This is, at its most basic, a community that is founded on the idea that all religions have some form of monasticism and life of the spirit (both inside a community and outside). I would like to see that we help each other through the spiritual struggles that all of us undergo and to this end, I've laid down some ground rules.

1). All religions are equal in this community. There is no religion that is considered the best although all of you are allowed to your opinions. As such, there will be no pro this religion or that religion here. Every religion is equal and so we must show respect to those of other faiths.

2). No insults. If there are incendiary comments that are made on this community, then the person will be dropped from the community no questions asked.

3). This community is built around a sense of tolerance and I hope that all of you will respect this as I.

4). Respect one another and your beliefs, please.

peacheater77 is your maintainer and his email address is above. If you have any questions or comments about the community, please send them here.

May you all be blessed in your struggles.